Are you going to Disney World this summer? You are going to want to read this.

        There are so many great gift shops at Disney World and Universal Studios.  If you regret not getting a certain souvenir, the merchandise is available online.

                                                             ( I am not being financially compensated by Disney, Warner Brothers, or any affiliates. )

    Or you can purchase it in advance if you wish.   Here is a way that I $aved $ome $erious money and made my boys happy.

      Striped collared shirts are easy to come by inexpensively.  If purchased at a thrift store ten dollars would cover it and probably 25 dollars if new.  I included the above link for the patches that I purchased.  There are five to choose from. I had these shirts ….


I purchased these patches….


  and I used a straight stitch to sew them on.  Patches have a trim surrounding the edges but I didn’t use an embroidery stitch just a straight one using same color thread.   When my sons outgrow these shirts I will remove the patches and save them for something else.

    Be sneaky if you are planning an Orlando vacation this summer. Sew one and pack it and surprise your Harry Potter fan the morning you are off to the park.  This saves the problem of  asking for expensive items in the gift shop.

 Of course these would be cute on hats, scarves, skirts for the girls, backpacks and more.

Here they are finished.

20140129_191446 20140129_191313  20140129_191302


      Please leave a comment if you like this idea or have another like it.  Thanks for stopping by.



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