You can give a plastic table a metal look with spray paint.

        I found two plastic side tables at the curb on trash day. I asked my neighbor first and he was really happy to say, “yes take whatever you want”, and he didn’t even give me a weird look.   They needed a really good cleaning, and still were no where near returning to their original color. But that is why I have a paint department in my garage.  After they are clean and dry apply a thin coat holding the can far enough away that it gives it a light coat.  Don’t concern yourself with full coverage at this point.  Someone asked me if I sanded them.  No they are very porous and take the paint beautifully.  Drying time is quick.   Once it is not sticky to touch apply the second coat  evenly working from the top to the bottom.  This table holds our citronella candle.
rfbcoppertableCollage        Rust-oleum is not paying me.  I am just expressing my feelings.


Copper-ish?  I think so.
 For the other table I wanted a bird bath. I have had this large green cool looking shallow bowl  for a long time.  I wanted it to be a centerpiece and just couldn’t seem to make it work. I have had candles and rocks displayed in it.  It is just too big for our table and heavy every single time I move it out of the way. So I used hammered bronze metal paint and now I like the bowl more than ever.


     If you have fun with one of these tables I would love to see it.

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