Baseball Table

      This table would be fun in a family room.  Pop the popcorn and gather around the game.  Or put in “Sand Lot”  the best baseball movie ever!  If you haven’t seen it….what are you waiting for? 
I could not resist picking up this mid century coffee table for a next to nothing price.  Then the table took up space for  months before I had any ideas what to do with it.  I had been doing a few furniture makeovers with kids in mind and then it hit me.  A baseball.  Not a real baseball like a high school P.E. flashback but the idea of the baseball table.
After a light sanding I used white chalk paint using a plaster of paris recipe.  I found a round piece of cardboard to help with the semi circles.  The red stitches were easy to add using a red permanent marker. I gave it all a real good distressed look to resemble a well loved baseball that had played many games.  Adding a dark wax brought out a lot of the vintage aged details.  I added upholstery brads just because I love adding those to furniture.


And the last step was a couple coats of Polycrylic.  


This table would also look so cute in a little slugger’s sports theme room.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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