Floral Fabric Desk

Here is a desk I painted with Benjamin Moore’s Beeswax.  It is a nice soft yellow.  I also distressed it in many places.  Since I had been using this same color on another desk and other pieces I wanted to add something extra special to this desk.  I found a fabric I liked and used Mod Podge to apply it to the drawer fronts and side panels.  
RFB_2    To place the fabric smoothly I used this special tool.  An expired Triple A card.  No worries if you don’t have one I am sure you have something similar.
IMG_0591_2  This handy dandy blade trims the edges perfectly close.


I put the fabric on the sides and then I chose a cream colored fancy trim and affixed it with  adhesive.  The next step was to add a upholstery nail to the corners.
Another small detail RFBfauxlockCollage
I painted a chair the same yellow and covered the seat with the same fabric.



               And the finished result is super girly pretty desk.

      Thanks so much for stopping by,



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