Step Ladder Makeover

Here is a simple wooden step ladder, it was a $5.00 estate sale find.  


This makeover was really easy.  I had some black paint so turned it into chalk paint with the magic of plaster of paris.    After painting it with a couple coats I went through my box of stencils. Numbers felt like the perfect addition to this little ladder.



 I used these numbers that were self adhesive, (stickers) I put them in place and placed a circular stencil over the top.  I then gave it a shot of white spray paint.  Hint:  Never underestimate the overspray of spray paint.


 As much as I tried it still went over but I still had my chalk paint handy in anticipation of this.  After the white paint was thoroughly dry I removed the numbers.






 I didn’t really get the after photo I was hoping for so I am including some rooms that I have found that I envision this piece to add interest.  

blackwhitebathroom28  Oooh!  What a beautiful bathroom!   There are some rustic elements with the wood of the door and the rope hanging the mirror above the sink.  And that sink!  Can you picture this 1 – 2- 3 ladder  near that sink holding rolled up white hand towels?


blackwhitekitchen0  How about this 1-2-3 step ladder in this adorable kitchen?  I know I need a step stool or ladder to reach a top shelf.

stepladdernightstanda91  Here is a very relaxing minimalist bedroom already using a step ladder as a nightstand.

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