A room divider gets a makeover.

I have had this room divider in the   junk room   decorative overflow space next to our laundry room for a long time.  It is a three panel very heavy divider with a glass window on top of each panel.  It was a cherry wood which would normally be nice, however it was not in good shape.  On both sides, and on every panel, there were scratches and deep imperfections.  I knew I wanted to paint it with a french graphic.  If you don’t know about this:   http://www.thegraphicsfairy.com   you will thank me later. It is a great site and the lovely lady Karen there provides a plethora of royalty free vintage clip art. 

 Here is the room divider in the shape it was in.  It had been taken apart but you get the idea. 


Helpful hint:


I am in a white chalk paint mood lately so after I gave it a good sanding, I painted it twice to give it a good coverage of a nice fresh white.  

 Next I found a graphic from the site mentioned above and went to my local print shop to enlarge it. They have a printer the size of a car.  For $8.00 they made it the size I needed.  I bought several sheets of tracing paper, also known as carbon paper.  I taped the graphic where I wanted it and then slid the tracing paper underneath and moved it around to just get the outlines of the design.  I looked carefully at the graphic and there really wasn’t any detail. The faces and the designs were really just dark shapes and more implied than perfectly seen.  So the eyes of the ladies were circles and the mouth an oval.  I tried to remember this when it came time to paint and fill it all in.  I don’t have a lot of artistic talent so I went about it trying to just get the shapes  without stressing.  Where I did have fun is when it came to the ladies dresses.  Adding polka dots and ruffles was an easy thing.  Here it is in the process. 

tapeovertracingpaper   Taped on and ready to trace.

trace2 trace1

All traced and ready to paint, I used acrylic craft paints.

startingtopaint   Starting to fill in.  This part is similar to doing a paint by number.  It is probably easier since I used black, white, and grays I bought and ended up mixing some grays of my own.  I may have put a dark beige on a couple dresses.  Have a closer look.

RFBroomdividerCollage  Click on the photo to see a closer view.

PMRoomdivider    shadetree6    This second photo is showing the shady areas of the leaves overhead.   I really thought it would take a long time to paint.  I worked on it awhile and stopped over three days while watching about 8 episodes of American Pickers.  I can’t remember the last time I watched that much television, but the time seemed to fly.

     Thank you so much for stopping by today,




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8 thoughts on “A room divider gets a makeover.

  1. You did a fantastic job !!!! Your room divider is now a beautiful statement piece that would improve any space. I LOVE it ! Thank you for sharing how the transfer was done, This method could probably also be used on canvas fabric that would make a great wall hanging. Love it !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Decorative Overflow Space” . . . I love it! You did a great job . . . I have a room divider in a corner of my garage just waiting for me to get to it to do something similar 🙂 Yours turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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