Make a Treasure Map

            Ahoy, me hearties!

   Bamboo calendars make the best treasure maps.  And there is the extra good feeling you get when you up cycle an item making it useful again.   


  This can be done so many ways.  This can be done very simply, or in a way that keeps your lads or lassies busy for quite awhile.   I happen to have an abundance of spray paint and my lads wanted to use them.  They first spray painted it white on the printed side and that was used to hide the print and act as a primer so nothing would show through.  Next a turquoise for the ocean was sprayed all around and over most of it.  These steps dried quickly.  Then a green was sprayed for the land.  I had two shades of green so they used them both.

 mapfinished  RFBaddinglandmarks1Collage

                A red   X  marks the booty!

  We just tore a piece of brown paper and then sprayed over it and moved it around a couple of times to make a mountain range.  And we just stuck on some blue tape, used a darker blue and there is our river.  They also used a black permanent marker for writing and drawing and details.  Some acrylic paint was used to snow cap the mountain tops. And they added some red in places.  Acrylic paint could be used instead of spray paint for the whole project if your kids prefer painting with brushes.

But the possibilities are endless and kids have a great way of coming up with all kinds of ideas.

      Now the back was bright white and looked too new to be a treasure map.  This is where I took over and used some stain.  I just rubbed lightly and aged it to make it look as though it had been handled by many a treasure hunter.

 woodstain woodstaintoage1

rfbtmcloseup     Sail ho!     (I see a ship!)

  The string to hang the calendar had broken off.  I just took a piece of twine and put it under my sewing machine with a few zig zag stitches.

     Simpler options:

RFBbrownpaper     RFBlegomap

   1CGRtreasuremap  1RFCGmap RFCGmap

 As soon as I started “playing” with their pirate ship to photograph the map my boys wanted to play with nothing else.

   This conversation was overheard later while playing with it and their lego people.

     9 yr old:    There aren’t any girls on this pirate ship.

     7 yr old:   This one was but she fell overboard.   Maybe you should give her CPR.

     9 yr old:  (voice starting low and rising)  mouth to MOUTH CPR?!?!?!?

    7 yr old:     um…well ….  um yeah I guess so, ….. I don’t know.

     9 yr old:……..   no …..   not gonna happen.

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I am not being paid by the brand of wood stain, the Lego company or anyone else for the details of this post.

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7 thoughts on “Make a Treasure Map

  1. awesome idea! Now I am going to be on the lookout for one of those calendars! I need a treasure map! too cute about the cpr. Funny now but when they do get interested it’s not so funny any more!


  2. This is awesome! I just so happen to have some old bamboo calendars! The kids would love remaking something like this.
    Thanks for sharing this at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party! Hope you can join us again tonight:)


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