Vintage turquoise.

    It started out a Tuesday morning like any other Tuesday morning in April.  I  made my boys unfrosted  pop tarts,  a healthy breakfast before heading off to school.   Teeth were brushed, hair combed, and shoes were on and we were right on schedule to walk to the bus stop.  Tuesday morning happens to be trash day here on Painted Lane and at the end of the street approximately eight houses down, I heard the roar of the giant blue truck.  We were half way to the stop when I saw them.  




I gasped.  There they were, three vintage wrought iron chairs at the curb next to a trash can. Sure some rust was showing and the seats had long lost their screws, and olive green is no longer popular, but kicked to the curb?   I felt compelled, I must save them. If I don’t, who will?  And seconds are ticking by and they are going to be landfill.  I looked at the truck, at my boys, at the chairs.  Then I looked at the bus stop and the truck, and my boys, and the chairs.  Then I heard an angels voice.   Or rather that of a seven year old, he said, ” Mom if we miss the bus, just drive us to school.”  “I know you want those chairs.”

And we each grabbed one and ran!

   The seats and backs are vinyl.  I would like to find a nice weather resistant fabric and recover them.  But for now I wanted a quick fix and I have turquoise spray paint in my paint department,   garage.   Can you paint vinyl?  I can and I did.  How will it hold up?  I don’t know time will tell, I will keep you posted.    I painted the wrought iron with a new fresh bright white.



  Now they have been repaired, renewed and cheerily greet guests at my front door.

     Thank you so much for stopping by,





8 thoughts on “Vintage turquoise.

  1. Oh Wow! I remember this day of such an incredible find! 5 Painted Lane never fails to breath life and function back into amazing pieces with lost character and forgotten charm! I love the turquoise color you have chosen the chair wears it well like a much needed exhale. Your gift is amazing how you can restore concepts with your keen eye for charm and functionality. Looking forward to the next adventure of Five Painted Lane!


  2. Oh Michelle! What a treasure! I love your seven year old who i=understands exactly how Mom is thinking! These chairs are so fabulous. I am glad they did not end up at the landfill because those are so hard to find anymore!! Love the turquoise too…… 🙂
    xox, Crystelle


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