A clock makeover

      I have had this clock for awhile, it is battery operated and has a plastic front.  It obviously isn’t old or special but I liked the curved shape and the base.    I wanted to give it a worn chippy paint look.





RFB1ststeptutorialCollage   I actually did not use the beige all over myself.  I have a helper this summer.   He is 7, adorable, and very eager to help!   I gave him the task of lightly sanding the clock and giving it an all over beige base coat.

RFBBeigeCollage    OH MY!  Did he ever work hard on this!  I think all the projects I post this summer are going to have that extra something special!

Sooooo  at this point, I thanked him and when he went inside the next step was to dab it lightly with a cloth, and go inside to play while it dried.

RFB2ndsteptutorialCollage   RFBclockB&ACollage

 This is a recent find at an antique store.  And it also is what prompted me to get the above makeover in motion.

RFBantiqueclockCollageRFBfrontandbackCollage   It is an all metal, heavy little older clock, and it was so charming, it won me over immediately. It says -loud alarm- and they got that right. It is a Westclox BIG BEN made in LaSalle, ILL, U.S.A.

Helpful Hint:

Did you notice the three letters to abbreviate Illinois?  I know that this clock is pre 1963  because that is the year that the Post Office Department implemented the two letter state abbreviations.  Below is a link of the history of the states abbreviations and zip code information, you can print this and keep it with you while out at antique and thrift stores.  It is especially helpful if you find an address on object like I did on my clock or if you are looking at letters, envelopes, or post cards.


Here is a photo of a few things placed on the mantel.  RFBbothonthemantel1

Thank you so much for stopping by,



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