Armoire Makeover

   For a few years now, armoires and entertainment centers have been easy to find and inexpensive.  Flat screen t.v.s going on walls have made a lot of these pieces unwanted.  Well two years ago I found a great deal on one and created a coffee station in my kitchen.  I use it to store my coffee pot, cappuccino maker, and tea pot.  An extra bonus was that it  opened up cabinet space and counter top space in my kitchen.  Well I am just now getting around to giving it a new look.  So I may be slow to get on board this train but hey, we can all look at one more makeover, right?

  1beforecrop 20140624_110154

 Here is the before, I was immediately drawn to the hardware.   Another thing I was looking for was that the doors swung open wide and close to the cabinet just so that it wouldn’t take up too much space. 

So it is finally time to give it a new look.  I didn’t like how dark it was inside and white would lighten things up.  Also I wanted to add chalkboard paint and incorporate a vintage like advertisement on the doors.  I thought the inside of the doors would be best since they are always open anyway. 

stencilsandstripes  Well I painted it white with chalk paint and added stencils to the sides.  Then I put stripes in the back.  I wasn’t too sure about the stripes.  Then I remembered the wall art that my mom gave me.  It has a french scene and added some interest to the back and completely hid the stripes.  Plus if you look the cutout area for a t.v. wasn’t very noticeable before, but now painted white jumps out at you.  frenchwallart   This nice little french cafe looks so much nicer.  I  know some of it will be hidden when adding items but I think it will still add some color.  I have a small collection of coffee grinders that have found a home on the shelves. toptwoshelves

chalkpaintdoorsearlgrayteaLioncoffeecoffeecollage    Behind the blue teapot is a ceramic planter I bought at a thrift store. It holds spoons, sugar and sweetener.  An assortment of tea bags rest in what was formerly a library index drawer. 

The chalkboard took a long time.  I don’t naturally have good handwriting.  I used a ruler and erased and started over so many times.  Now I have a decision to make.  I know if I leave it as it is, it can become smudged.  I do not think I will ever erase it and write other things, it was just too difficult to get it looking the way I wanted.  I am thinking of adding a spray top coat of sealer.  My concern is that it will run and then stick looking awful.  I have never used anything over chalk board writing to seal it before. I am going to just enjoy it for a few days now that my kitchen is back in order. 

    Well thank you so much for stopping by, 




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