Shoes on the wrong feet? Try this trick.

When my son was three it seemed as though his shoes were always on the wrong feet.  I wondered if they felt more comfortable that way.  He didn’t seem to mind.

Then one day  I was sorting through toys my sons no longer played with and deciding what could be donated.   I came across puzzles like these,

wooden_puzzle-300x219 dinosaurs woodenpuzzle


and came up with an idea.    I placed his shoes on a piece of paper and traced them.  I did this hoping he could put them on the paper as if they were puzzle pieces.   I kept the paper near the door of the foyer and next to the box he kept his shoes in.

RFBshoes   Well it worked wonders at our house.  He would put his shoes in the right space and sit down in front of the paper, and put them on correctly.   The original one I made I had him help.  He liked that and I wrote Left and Right on it.  I laminated the first one since I had the clear contact paper in my craft room.  But as boys quickly outgrow shoes I kept it simple as we traced the next  new pair of shoes.  I don’t remember how long it was until he didn’t need his shoe helper.  I know it is just seconds that it takes to change them for him, but he seemed to enjoy it.  I hope this helps at your home.

                                                                                    Good Luck

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