An antique book stand gets refinished.

         RFBbeforebookcaseCollage      RFBafterbookcaseCollage    It seems prior to ten years ago if someone painted an antique there was an uproar.  Then around five years ago it became  acceptable with most however not with everyone.  Well here are my thoughts on that.  If you want to paint an antique, maybe you don’t prefer them but it was given to you by a family member.  Maybe you have dark wood floors and dark walls and it would stand out beautifully if painted, rather than otherwise going unnoticed.  If you have grandma’s armoire taking up space in a room where it is rarely seen and it is in it’s original condition, it is financially valuable.  I would rather that same piece of furniture be appreciated and more valuable in a sentimental sense.  So if painting grandma’s armoire makes it a focal point in a room where it is admired and used, that to me is more important than monetary value.  Now having said that, every once in awhile I can’t bring myself to paint an antique.  So this is the case with my sister’s book stand.  It is a small stand with a bottom shelf.  The top that holds books has four slats set at an angle so that the books are at a 45 degree angle.  It is charming and appears to be very old.  My sister asked me to paint it black for her and I decided to refinish it instead.  I used an ebony stain so it is very dark keeping in mind what she wanted.  So why did I want to refinish this piece?  Well I do like getting out my little sander,  but  I think it is because I have never seen another one exactly  like it.    There isn’t anything marked or written on it to give any clues where it originated.  Well it feels good to sand the details, stain, and varnish and reveal the beauty underneath once in awhile.

legcloseup bottomshelf


1legafter shelfafter   20140509_100343

                                                                                                                                                                                    the top view showing the angled slats

If you have stumbled upon this and have one like it or have knowledge about it, please leave a comment . 

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