Boys bedroom furniture update

We are truly blessed to have a home in a neighborhood with wonderful people.  There are plenty of children and a path through the yards where they visit door to door.  The moms and dads all enjoy chatting when we see each other.  Running into someone at the bus stop could turn into coming in for a cup of coffee.  Clothing is handed down and even our basketball hoop originated from down the street.  We have become a close knit group of friends.  The neighbors immediately on each side of us have children that are grown but they have fussed over my boys since they were born.   We have grown very close to Miss Em. Her two grown sons were also close in age and she thought of us recently  when she was parting with their childhood bedroom set. It is a sturdy set with great details.  It would fit perfectly in their room.  And they would both have a desk!  She sees me in my garage working most days and I informed her that they might get painted.  Well I kept part of the original wood although I refinished it.    My sons like red and blue and I immediately thought the dresser and nightstand could be white.  That is nautical right?  Well I knew I didn’t love the idea and I  looked to their bedding for inspiration.

I really like the wooden X areas and the drawer pulls that were all there except one was broken.  I had a solution for that.

So white?  I couldn’t do it.  I thought it seemed feminine.  Their quilt top has an army green in it and that I knew would work perfectly.  I ended up going with a  Behr paint,  “Egyptian Nile”.  I finished with doing a small amount of distressing.



20140430_15253420140430_152459  Okay so regarding that one broken drawer pull.  The two dresser drawers that are small are different anyway so I patched the holes and drilled new holes where needed and went with a different knob on those two drawers.  See how that works?  It at least makes it look intentional.

This set will always be special to us  because it was a gift from our very sweet neighbor.  Thank you Miss Em.

  Lastly, per according to rules and regulations I must state that the Behr Company is not paying me to tell you how much I like their paint.

4 thoughts on “Boys bedroom furniture update

  1. Wow, you did an amazing job!! It looks awesome! I love the setup with the desks at the ends of their beds and I love the rustic wood, it’s very boyish and cute.


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