A patty ready partio! Whaaat?

      Often times at thrift stores you can find dishes by threes.  One of the four break and the remaining are off to be donated.  I don’t mind because I like the look of mixing and matching.  So while looking for bright patio colors three turquoise and three orange will be just fine by me.  I will just use two of each and the colors are lovely together and it adds a visual charm that four of same doesn’t.


 The only thing that would make this a better picture is if it had delicious looking food.  Well setting the table is sadly where my talent ends.  There were however, a few crackers and a piece of cheese on each plate but while taking all of the other photos I ate it. If you ever see a recipe on my blog, I assure you it will be easy enough for Barnum and Bailey to train a monkey to do it.  Really!  If I put a meal  in front of my family that is edible and I haven’t burned myself it is a rarity. The blender is my favorite appliance.  And you can read into that whatever you want to. ( note the name of this post )   I do think I make good sandwiches and smoothies.  But, I didn’t even want a kitchen it came with the house.

 Okay how about some tea?  Tea I can do well.

rfb wicker loveseat



Thank you for looking.




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