An orange dresser





In 2013 you may have noticed a lot of home decor and furniture in the color turquoise. I painted my sewing desk this vibrant color. It is an energetic color!

So what is in store for this year?    Orange!  Paintable wallpaper was used for the drawer fronts.

  For instructions click above where it says two fun faux techniques went into this dresser. 


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It is 2014 and ORANGE is the new turquoise. I love orange. It isn’t just about autumn, but also bright summer dishes on the patio. This orange dresser is in a red room. I designed the entire dresser because I am so fond of the painting. This print is “Flaming June” , by Frederic Leighton in 1895.
It is another energetic color. So whether it is a craft room, a place to exercise, or a foyer like mine, put orange where you like to feel happy.


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